Power Kiting

For the first time in India, environmentally friendly water sports are made possible using wind power, harnessed by power kites instead of consuming fuel!

Power Kiting is an adventure sport where 2-liner or 4-liner high-tech kites of various sizes and shapes are dynamically flown on land in open spaces such as on the beach, in fields or meadows.
Para foil power kites are made of two layers with air-chambers that fill up in the wind. Their design resembles that of a small Para glider. NASA Wing power kites, developed by NASA to land space capsules, are single layer and sustain their unique shell-shape due to the sophisticated positioning of attached lines.

Kite Surfing
Kite surfing is an adventure water sport using an inflatable surf kite and a specialised surfboard for surfing. This sport combines power kiting and surfing using the surf kite to pull and lift the surfer in and out of the water.
Surf kites float in water due to their inflated air-tubes and can be launched and re-launched from water. They are flown as 4-liners or 5-liners with a bar that is attached to the kite-surfer’s harness which carries the major pull of the kite, so that the arms can be mainly used for steering and controlling the kite..









Parasailing is an adventurous aero sport. The passenger along with the parasail parachute is pulled up mechanically by a jeep or boat. The canopy gets inflated and on further pulling starts ascending into the air like a glider up to a certain height determined by the length of the rope which, depending on wind conditions and the environment, allows for a maximum height of 100 metres. Once the jeep or boat slows down, the passenger starts descending with the help of the parachute and lands softly when the jeep stops.

Parasailing Parasailing Parasailing

Paragliding is an adventure aero sport where the rider gets completely air-borne using a specialised manoeuvrable parachute called Para glider to jump off mountains or other heights and using thermals and navigation to stay in the air and eventually land on a designated landing spot below.

The Para glider is attached to the pilot’s harness which turns into a seat once he or she is air-borne. A new variety of this sport is Para-motoring where the pilot carries a propeller engine on his back like a backpack and can lift off and land wherever desired.

Paragliding Paragliding Paragliding