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To tease your palate. All popular and traditional delicacies of Malabar, Indian and the Continental varieties are served promptly and politely. The Cliff House facing the blue sea enhances your appetite. Candle light dinner with the moon serving you company and the surf providing the musical score will be a relishing experience. Come and experience our fish delicacies.



Parking Area
The Parking area is quite spacious with the tall trees acting as a canopy.

We believe in being courteous homely and friendly, combining traditional hospitality with modernity. You will feel the difference in the services provided. Services include running water hot and cold, telephone, laundry, doctors on call.

  • Wifi Enabled
  • 24 hours hot shower
  • Bicycles , Electrical powered auto
  • Airport Pickups & Drops ( On request )

  • Credit card  accepted
We Offer

1.Village walk

 A walk through the paddy fields to enjoy and feel the rustic atmosphere. You have traditional food  in a village Hut.

2.Country Boat ride
Through the backwaters and inland water ways feasting your eyes on the laidback village life.
3.Jungle Sojourn [ trip to see wild animals]

Watching elephants & big cats in forests Itinerary :Start of early morn- breakfast in a local toddy shop. Drive straight to an ancient temple- Thirunelli- a center of age old energy grid, a place where dead souls are released for salvation. Lunch will be served here. Further night viewing of animals wild cats, elephants etc. Morning safari [16 kms] in reserve forest can be included for extra charge This is applicable based on Govt clearance.

Seductive training modules short and long term and interactive sections.
5.Kalari Payattu
A chance to experience one of the oldest fighting system in existence and also training sessions if required.
6.Ayurvedic rejuvenation
Strives to harmonize body, mind, and soul, through deep knowledge and understanding of nature and the inner self.
7.Bird watching Ornithology
Madayipara Miidlands, Kappumkara, Aralam and Kattampalli.

Event Management

We offer this premise to host your personal memorable events.

Themes Offered

  • Birthday parties for your children, your selves, your parents & others
  • Wedding annuversaries of near & dear once.
  • Family get together & any other personal & private events

Our Personalized, Customized services

  • Creating & developing your theme.
  • Deciding your invite & inviting your guests for you.
  • Choosing your food menu, cake & pastries
  • Décor.
  • An MC will coordinate the event & more.

Infrastructure provided

  • 150 pax convention centre.
  • Open air facility
  • DG backup
  • Sound system & music score

We will sit & work out the cost as per your requirement.
Infact you do not have get into the nitty gritty of planning execution. You sit relax & drop in at the fixed time.